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Welcome to Indian Hills!


A Note from our PTO President,

Today (August 25, 2014) launches our Paragon Fundraiser, so I want to thank the teachers and parents in advance for all of your help and support.  Staff, the launch party and getting everything passed out may be crazy, but I want you to know that you I appreciate ALL of your hard work.  Some days it may seem that you go unnoticed and unappreciated, however that is NOT the case!  This fundraiser would not be nearly as beneficial without all of you!  Parents, please remind your child to NOT go door to door unless YOU know the person.  Your child's safety is #1 in importance. 

Thank you all for making Indian Hills a Great Place to Be Every Day!  Christina Brumfield: PTO President


The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program is Back!

Beginning August 26th, your child will receive a fresh fruit or vegetable.  This will occur 3 times a week. 

                Aug. 26 - Bananas  Aug. 27 - Baby Carrots     

Aug. 28 - Granny Smith Apple


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Every Day is a Great Day to Be a Chief!




     Indian Hills School Motto:

I am somebody.  Today I choose to achieve.  I will do more, learn more and be more because, I believe I am somebody!


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               Check out this video of the Imagination Library:




Working on iRead at home

Your child can benefit from extra learning and practice time at home, the library, a relative’s home, or anywhere with an Internet connection.

1. Set up a quiet, comfortable work station.

Provide a mouse, if possible, rather than a track pad.

Check that the desk or table is at a good height for your child.

Provide headphones, if possible, to help your child focus better and prevent distractions.

2. Let your child do the work. iRead collects data to help bring your child the instruction and practice he or she needs to master essential skills. If family members or others work in iRead while your child is logged in, the program will not be able to identify your child’s specific needs.

3. Review your child’s iRead backpack screen. Just after login, your child can explore his or her iRead backpack.

Ask your child to share progress with you, including stars earned in My Letters and My Sounds, books colle cted in My Books, Word Cards, number of Words Read, and more!

(Working on I Read at Home, Scholastic. March 2012. Web 14 February, 2014.) 


Indian Hills Elementary Writing/Communication Plan

Kentucky regulation (Senate Bill 1) requires all public schools to develop school-wide writing/communications programs in which students at all levels and across the curriculum are given multiple opportunities to develop communication skills.  Literacy strands in new Kentucky Core Academic Standards include reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language use.


Consistent with state regulation, Indian Hills Elementary School strives for all students to be 21st Century communicators by providing multiple opportunities for students to develop complex communication skills for a variety of purposes.  Indian Hills defines writing broadly as a purpose filled act of thinking and expressing that uses language to explore and communicate ideas to others.  The plan outlines what will be done at Indian Hills Elementary School to prepare students to communnicate well in a variety of situations in their lives. The writing plan is available at your request.



Indian Hills Elementary School

(Home of the Chiefs)

313 Blane Drive

Hopkinsville Kentucky

Phone: (270) 887-7230

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School Events
•  MAP - 2nd grade Reading 3rd Grade Math
•  MAP - 2nd Grade Math 3rd Grade Language
•  MAP 2nd Grade Math 1st Grade Reading
•  MAP 2nd Grade Language 1st Grade Reading
Mrs. Walden Assists 3rd Graders in Area and Perimeter Activity
Mrs. Walden (IBC) assisting our 3rd grade students in a hands-on activity on area and perimeter.   

Supply Lists   
Click HERE for the 2014-15 Indian Hills School Supplies List

Guidelines for Success   

Our Mission Statement   

Tribal Beliefs   
1.     It is our job to teach children how to learn, become problem solvers, become tolerant of the needs...

Surfing to Proficiency   
Check out these awesome pictures of how the IH Faculty and Staff are motivating our students to Surf to Proficiency on the 2014 KPREP!

1st Grade Parents' Day   
On May 2nd the 1st grade teachers hosted our annual Parents' Day. The event included an AWESOME performance by our 1st grade students along with a book share time with parents. The guests also enjoyed some refreshments with their special students. A HUGE THANK YOU to all that attended and to everyone that played a part in making this day a GREAT success!

Career Day for 4th and 5th Grade   
Our 4th and 5th grade classes recently took part in Career Day. Several local companies took time from their busy schedule...

Reading is Fundamental April Activity Calendar

Mrs. Walden Assists 3rd Grade Students in Hands-on Area and Perimeter Activity   

RIF Calendar of Reading Activities for March   
These activities are family friendly and are a great way to promote literacy in your very own home!

Reading Is Fundamental Reading Activity Calendar for February   
Check out this calendar full of GREAT family activities that you can easily do at home to promote a love for Reading!
Mrs. Ladd sharing a good book on the beach with friends.

CONSUMERISM NIGHT Thursday March 6, 2014 5:00 - 6:30   **Activities for EVERY Grade Level** **Book Fair** **Special...