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Counselor's Connection

Welcome to Indian Hills Guidance Webpage. 

I am Sarah Akin, the Guidance Counselor at Indian Hills.  As a school counselor, some of the roles I  perform are:

  • Counseling
  • Participating in academic intervention meetings
  • Organizing and administering testing
  • Observing students in various school environments
  • Consulting with parents, teachers, administrators and students
  • Responding to school crisis
  • Providing information and resources to parents
  • Interpreting test results

Our Mission:

The mission of Indian Hills Elementary's guidance program is to ensure that all students will be lifelong learners with competencies required to make successful transitions from the elementary level through the middle and high school and then on the higher education and to a career of choice. The guidance program is a developmental program which is a proactive and comprehensive model focusing on the three specific ares identified by the National Standards which are: academics, personal/social, and career/technical.