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SnowSmart Information


What is it?


SnowSMART assignments are given when we have missed a certain amount of school days and need to continue instruction. You will be notified when to begin each SnowSMART lesson based on how many days we have missed due to snow days.


Where do I find the work?


The assignment is labeled under 3 different lessons. All SnowSMART lessons and activites are located on your teacher’s website.  You will find a SnowSMART link where all assignments and instructions are located. Also, a copy of the instructions and lessons are provided in each student’s SnowSMART folder. Please remember there will be assignments for math located on Ms. Dickinson's page.


What if I have questions?


Teachers will be available by email, (insert other forms of contact here) on SnowSMART days. They will be available to respond to your questions between the hours of  8:00 AM to 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM.


School Phone: 270-887-7230




You may also contact me through Class Dojo.


What about lessons for specials?


For each SnowSMART day that is used, students can pick ONE lesson to complete from art, PE, or music. They do NOT complete all three specials lessons in one day.  Mrs. Dooley (art), Mr. Adcock (PE), and Mrs. Collins (music) have included a SnowSMART link on each of their pages for specials areas and a lesson to complete. Once the student has completed one of the lesson, he/she can select a new lesson from a different specials teacher on the next SnowSMART day. The specials teachers will also be available during the hours of 8:00 AM- 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM to answer questions from students. Their contact information is located on their SnowSMART tab.  






Snow Smart Days!!!       Reading assignments for Mrs. Turner

Day 1  Write a short story in first person point of view.  Then write the same story in third person point of view.

Day 2  Draw a 2 ring Venn diagram and compare the parts of a play and the parts of a poem.

Day 3  Write the steps in a task in order using transition words (such as first, next, finally). For example: Explain the steps in making chocolate chip cookies.

Please read your weekly homework passage nightly for fluency practice.  Every student should be reading 20 minutes per night.

Bring your work to school in your homework folder the day following the snow day.