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Mission Statement

The mission of Indian Hills School is for ALL students to become college
and career ready by achieving proficiency through rigorous education in a
safe and caring environment.

School Summary

Indian Hills Elementary School is a school located in Christian County, Kentucky. Christian County is situated on the Kentucky-Tennessee border in what is considered Western Kentucky. Christian County covers over 724 square miles-more than half of the state of Rhode Island. The county is the home to the incorporated towns of Crofton, Hopkinsville, Lafayette, Oak Grove, and Pembroke.

Indian Hills School resides in the town of Hopkinsville. Indian Hills serves approximately 535 students each year ranging from preschool to 6th grade. Indian Hills serves a district site for a Life Skills unit and an Emotionally Behavior Disorder unit (EBD). Indian Hills also has two preschool classes implementing 1/2 day services serving students primarily from the school's zoned area.

Indian Hills population is 46% Caucasian students, 33.7 African American, 10.9% Hispanic, and 9.4% Other. Approximately 83.8% of the students at Indian Hills Elementary School qualify for free or reduced lunch. This demographic information is representative of the community that is zoned to Indian Hills Elementary School, but is significantly higher than the city of Hopkinsville or the county of Christian County as a whole.