Indian Hills Elementary School Title I Parent Involvement Policy

Activities conducted at Indian Hills Elementary School, including school wide Title I programs, to increase parent involvement are a vital, important part of the school's programs. In recognition that the parent is the child's first and most important teacher, and that the parent's continued involvement is necessary for the success of the child, the Indian Hills Elementary School is committed to building a strong parent-school partnership.

To support the parent-school partnership, parent involvement shall include, but not be limited to, parent help in planning, sharing new ideas and evaluating the Title I school wide program.

This requirement shall be met in the following manner:

  1. The Title I Coordinator from the school shall hold an annual meeting to inform parents of the school's participation and meaning of the school wide Title I program as it relates to parents and their children.
  2. This parent involvement policy will insure that parents are informed concerning the complete school program including Title I.
  3. Parents will be given written notice to review their child's KPREP testing results.
  4. Teachers will provide parents with individual student KPREP and MAP test results for those in the grades that are tested. (Grades K-6)
  5. Indian Hills Elementary School will inform parents of the learning curriculum, testing used to measure student progress and the level of proficiency at which students are expected to achieve.
  6. Parents will receive ideas that will assist their child to achieve at his/her potential.
  7. Indian Hills Elementary School will coordinate, when possible, with other agencies i.e., Head Start, the Family Resource Center, Migrant programs, etc.
  8. On-going training and materials will be provided for Title I staff to work with the parents.
  9. Indian Hills Elementary School will encourage parents to be involved in bridging the ties between home and school.
  10. Parents, school wide teachers and school wide Title I assistants will share decisions and experiences in regular meetings.
  11. Indian Hills Elementary School will keep documentation for all meetings.
  12. Indian Hills Elementary School will share resource information with parents.
  13. Parents will be encouraged to help with decisions at their school, and will be free to offer suggestions concerning their school.
  14. The Family Resource Center will visit homes, as needed, to distribute school information to parents.