Homework Policy


Christian County

Indian Hills Elementary School

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_______ By-Laws (Council operational policies)

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Policy Topic Description:

Homework Policy
KRS 160.345

Policy Statement:
This policy is intended to act as a guide for Homework to use at Indian Hills Elementary School.

Homework Policy
Homework should only be used to reinforce skills that have already been taught in the classroom. Grade level teams need to collaborate on the amount of homework students are given. Research states that the recommended amount of homework given to students is 10 minutes per grade level. For example, a second grader should have 20 minutes of homework each night. Reading should always be a part of homework. Students need to read with their parent, to self, or with someone else in their family.

Below are non-negotiable guidelines for homework

  • Students should receive homework assignments for each subject on Monday and have the entire week to complete the work.
  • 2:1 Ratio for grades. You must have two classroom assignments for every homework grade you put into Infinite Campus. You must ensure the standard has been taught and practiced in the classroom before a homework assignment is given over that standard.

If you are teaching text features, you need to provide whole group instruction, guided practice, and independent practice in your classroom. Independent homework practice can be given to show they have mastered the skill.  This is the - I DO, WE DO, YOU DO model.

  • When a child doesn't turn in their homework the consequences are as follows:

1st Offense
Call home, review homework policy with parents, and loose DoJo point

2nd Offense and Repeated Offenses
One day of after school detention from 2:30-3:30 on Thursdays, call home, review homework policy with parents, and loose DoJo point.